For the most efficient operation, the HYDRA SMOOTH should be installed as close to the lift 

cylinder as possible.


1.  Determine hydraulic line diameter from lift cylinder to control valve.

2.  With forks on the ground, disconnect the lift cylinder line.

3.  Install a tee adapter to the existing lift line.

4.  Reconnect the lift line to the tee.

5.  Determine desired location of the HYDRA SMOOTH, keeping it as close to the lift cylinder as possible. Install a new hydraulic line, (length determined by HYDRA SMOOTH location).

6.  Check all connections for leaks.




Pre-charge the HYDRA SMOOTH to 500psi. and leave the gauge connected. Lift the average load 1 foot 

in the air. The gauge will tell you the proper pressure setting.

●   If the pressure reading is under 1,000lbs, charge 50lbs over the reading

●   If the pressure reading is over 1,000lbs, charge to the reading.


1.  For 12,000 to 15,000lbs trucks, charge to 1,250lbs of pressure.

2.  For 15,000 to 40,000lbs trucks, charge to 1,850lbs of pressure.

●   When installing on trucks with a two-speed valve, pressure in the HYDRA

SMOOTH must equal or exceed the valve pressure to operate properly.


In most cases, 300psi will give the best results.

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